Blood In My Eyes For You

Blood In My Eyes For You


A new album was released on June 3rd, 2015.

And from the all-too-rarely-heard-these-days count-off of “one, a-two, a-one, two, three, four!” that kickstarts the record, it’s brilliant all the way.”Blues Finland

Blood In My Eyes For You

Janne Zander and Bert Deivert first started playing together in 1985, joined by Per-Arne Pettersson in the early 90’s. Though they have collaborated on many projects, this is the first time they do a whole album together, joining forces with Fredrik Lindholm. This is Deivert’s 12 album. This juke joint style mixed with older 30’s blues and North Mississippi music is something very unique with its mix and blues mandolin in the foreground. This is folk, roots, jazz, americana, and blues combined. RELEASE DATE – JUNE 3rd, 2015. European distribution via WARNER. Scandinavian distribution and promotion by ROOTSY.NU

Rootsy, Håkan Olsson

Phone: +46 (0)734 352668


Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run @ Breda Jazzfestival
Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run @ Breda Jazzfestival

The whole album was recorded live in the studio in 4 1/2 hours – no overdubs, edits, and exactly as we sound onstage. Real jook joint style with mandolin. We have heard NO other bands with this setting doing music like the way we do.

Order the album:

You can now order the cd from Bert Deivert – JUST ORDER by sending 18 US dollars including postage OR 149 Swedish kronor including postage to PAYPAL ACCOUNT and include your address!

On the web:

RootsyiTunes or Spotify

Bert Deivert plays his mandolin so masterfully that it sometimes seems that he was the musical partner of John Estes for years, instead of mandolin man (Yank) Rachell.Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

It is not unusual for a review to conclude with “go see them live,” but “Blood In My Eyes For You” captures Copperhead Run’s live essence so successfully that this time, I would actually advise you to start with the CD – which of course will only make you want to see them in concert so much more. – Andres Roots,

Bert Deivert latest, ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ is dominated by the mandolin and that is definitely not a bad thing. A flat re-treaded song like “Baby Please Do not Go ‘ gets an absolutely fabulous arrangement so you think it’s a brand new song. It rocks all the through the track. Philip Verhaege, Keys and Chords

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